Color stainless steel accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity of stainless steel

Author : Date : 9/4/2013 3:30:28 PM
Color stainless steel accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity of stainless steel

Continue to raise the price of iron ore, China's stainless steel production capacity to be increased rather than decreased and more focus on improving the quality of this feature. With the large-scale development of the western region to speed up the process, the stainless steel industry is moving in the development of a healthy and clear direction. Domestic iron and steel enterprises affair iron ore remains high within the case of real estate affected by the regulation, the only way to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity of stainless steel can. To promote energy conservation and structural optimization of the iron and steel industry, the past few years our country launched a series of policies and measures aimed at improving the color stainless steel capacity backwardness.
The past few years our country stainless steel backward production capacity increased rather than decreased, with the accelerated process of developing the western region. The occasion in 2011, does not meet the national industrial policy, small stainless steel-making enterprise nearly 40 production capacity of 180 million tons; hundreds of consumer to be steel enterprises, the production capacity of 150 tons or more. These backward production capacity does not meet the requirements to create a resource thrift and environmental fraternity social damage: First, the waste of power, adding to the carbon dioxide emissions. According to statistics, such enterprises for every ton of steel to consumer electronics over 300 kwh, add more carbon dioxide emissions by about 50%. Ruined nickel, chromium and other strategic resources, for every 1 ton of steel is usually ruined more than 200 kg of ferrochrome, nickel more than 10 kg. If contemplating the commencement of 50%, these companies a year and would spoil 300,000 tons of ferrochrome and 15,000 tons of nickel metal. The third is to clean up the environment. These companies are not environmental protection equipment, consumption usually smoke dust, annealing pickling indirect emissions to the large natural damage to the ecological environment. At the same time, because the product quality is not up to corrosion material in use. Fourth, the small amount of consumption the posing and shoddy products, to trouble the market order, which greatly hurt the interests of consumers, but also hurt the legitimate rights of the advanced stainless steel enterprises, affecting the stainless steel industry can be carried out continuously.

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