Color stainless steel gradually grow in opportunities and challenges

Author : Date : 9/4/2013 3:28:22 PM
Color stainless steel gradually grow in opportunities and challenges

Colored stainless steel industry after the financial crisis facing many difficulties, the impact of the financial crisis, many enterprises reform and innovation to improving quality, no matter how large or small and medium enterprises, very much concerned with a corresponding way, the revitalization of their own color the stainless steel industry leading position. Color stainless steel industry eager to expand the scope of the formation of lower capacity utilization, production continues to decline. With the reduction of the export tax rebate, companies diverse thinking, calm swap to carry out the strategy, and promotion industry, renovation of technology, maximize productivity, application rate, Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Foshan City Light informed in this regard is particularly great importance.
Skills of colored stainless steel experience of foreign trade barriers annual loss of at least tens of billions of dollars, encounter barriers to trade in tricky top five countries and regions in the United States, the European Union, Japan, ASEAN and Russia, an important trading peer influence China's industrial exports type of skill trade approach focused on the authentication request, skill Specification Request, products personal safety request, six aspects of the environmental protection request, limited request and packaging of toxic and hazardous materials and requests for information; trading schemes in the provinces more affected by foreign skills The top five are Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Henan Province.
Because of the existence of trade protectionist trade friction is further exacerbated this is an objective eldest fact, we can only accept it, but it does not mean we will be in production and sales volume necessary to lag behind. Trade friction with the globe or a country's economy to carry out state is inversely proportional to, but carry out economic, trade friction will increase when the weakened economic development, trade friction will intensify. In the future, China suffered from trade frictions and trade barriers can always increase, adding stainless steel cabinets exports difficult. In addition, the financial crisis of the stainless steel industry has been the expansion of trade exchange earnings dangerous. The 2008 globe 30 of the most prosperous economic collaboration with the conduct of members of the organization, nearly half of the added risk, the globe trading environment seizures Chinese enterprises are facing significant change. In effect, the risk of receipt of colored stainless steel industry in China has been picked up, the export situation is not optimistic, colored stainless steel industry is gradually Long process of growing.

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