International Stainless Steel Dynamic (4.15-4.19)

Author : Date : 9/4/2013 3:32:34 PM
International Stainless Steel Dynamic (4.15-4.19)

The United States stainless steel shipments reached the highest in two years  in February 
    According to foreign media reports, the United States in February stainless steel shipments of 168,901 tons, growth of 7.1% sequential growth for three consecutive months, reach the highest level since March 2011.
    96,306 tons of cold-rolled stainless steel sheet, growth of 13.7%, the same as the highest level since March 2011; 25,898 tons of cold-rolled stainless steel narrow strip, the chain fell 2.7%; 8256 tons of hot-rolled stainless steel sheet, a decline of 12.6%.

    Jindal Stainless Steel and POSCO signed an MOU
    According to foreign media reports, India's largest stainless steel producer Jindal Stainless Steel (Jindal Stainless) with the South Korean Pohang Iron and Steel long-term cooperation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
    Under the agreement, Jindal Stainless Steel to the Pohang Iron and Steel and its subsidiaries supply 200 stainless steel. In addition to overseas processing centers and cold rolling mills, the two sides will also explore the construction nickel ore smelter in Indonesia. In addition, Pohang and Jindal also discuss the in Jindal Stainless steel project in Orissa.
    This cooperation in the case of the progress of the construction of large steel mills in Pohang Orissa continue to be delayed. Although the memorandum of understanding on the joint development project, and can not immediately upgrade Pohang shares held by Jindal Stainless Steel, Wednesday Jindal Stainless Steel stock still rose 9%, to close at Rs 51.3. (Soochow / compiler)
    European cold-rolled stainless steel base price is expected to stop falling
    According to foreign media reports, market news that the European 304 and 316 cold rolled stainless steel base price is expected to stop falling.
    Danish hoard goods supplier said, "is expected to the May cold rolled stainless steel base price does not fall further because the lowest point has been reached. 304 2mm cold rolled stainless steel plate base price for delivery in May 1090-1120 euros / tonne (U.S. $ 1429-1468 / t), unchanged from last week. "
    A dealer in Sweden also expressed a similar view, "The base price for the 1090-1120 euros / ton, has reached historic lows, really will not be down." (Soochow / compiler)

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