The thin might be "business opportunities" in the future

Author : Date : 9/4/2013 3:39:36 PM
The thin might be "business opportunities" in the future

Stainless steel flow field quotes usually take the "base price + increase" mode, this mode more widely popular, so the base price has been acting as the important medium of transactions for cold rolling, the general the base price denominated specifications 1.5-3.0mm, other thin material is taken fare model, and increases part there is a fixed fare and motor fare motor fare "business opportunities" where became a merchant.
      LISCO LH material, for example, the Foshan market 0.5mm Specifications offer in 11850-11950 yuan / ton, the market base price quoted at 10,900 yuan / ton, in accordance with the 0.5mm fare increase 800 yuan / ton, the purchase of the existing change specifications 150-250 yuan / ton higher than normal fare, like this 200 series, 300 series operating space. It is the presence of the the thin material motorized fare space, only stimulate the enthusiasm of the businesses involved in the field of thin material, have sprung up in many of the reform rolling plant, whether it is the production of narrow-band or wide rolling plant, product specifications and more 1.0 mm below, features are aimed at the operating space of the thin material.
      The thin fare increase operating space is evident, from the market point of view, take the cargo habits to open tablet sales has become the norm, but in view of the spread of the same specifications volumes with the board, thin profit space seem larger. 201 cold rolled resources, for example, four feet 1.0mm thickness, volume and plate spreads around 1,000 yuan / ton, 0.5mm board and volume spread up to 2,000 yuan / ton. Also in the case of the flat, 304 thick material thickness difference between the spread of a wire 100 yuan / ton, while the thin material silk spreads reached 200 yuan / ton. Thin material for more profitable in terms of the tablet.

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